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Linda Knijnenburg
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Certified Usability Analyst Human Factors International

User Experience

Have you ever felt lost on a website? Unable to get what you need, confused by its structure or unfamiliar lingo? Searching for some interactive feature that you know should be there? Then you've probably given up. Take a minute to think: How do users of your website or application feel?

Your product or service may be of great value, but have you considered how your target groups use it? If the specific wishes and needs of your users are not catered for, they will feel lost and confused, and will leave.

Giving your users what they need, how they need it

By shaping an experience that is designed around the natural behaviour of the people you want to do business with, they are more likely to find what they are looking for, achieve their goal or seal the deal. And come back, again and again.

The bottom line:
By managing expectations, these can be exceeded. By inspiring users, they will venture further. By generating trust, user satisfaction increases.

About Linda Knijnenburg

Creating a human-centred design starts with a thorough understanding of your potential users. Linda Knijnenburg has over 10 years of experience in the internet business. This taught her to effectively combine business -, technical- and end user requirements. She became an expert in profiling users and creating user-specific design that puts them in control. Extensive experience and a practical, down to earth approach are Linda's trademarks.

Linda has worked on various websites: Perry Sport, Amsterdam RAI, ANWB, KLM, and helped develop applications for The Netherlands Ministerie of Agriculture, Nature and Fishing, ABN Amro and RAI Data Centrum.

What Linda can do for you:

Clients MountCook

Before starting up MountCook in 2007, Linda has worked for several web agencies (Explainer DC, Netlinq, The People's Valley), and KLM (Customer Interaction Manager in E-business department).